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The TEDx Movie –  All the Highlights


Spreading dance around the world | Maayan Adin 

What does my voice look like? | Omer Steier


Where does the world begin? | Roei Sadan

Can we really conduct the “Symphony of our Lives?” | Roni Porat

The power of touch | Dr. Tzipi Strauss

Why generals need to forget before they can be generals | Dr. Ofra Graicer 

Choosing Life | Mariuma Ben Yosef

Leading without illusions | Caroline Glick 

Breaking the wall with meaningful education | Rabbi Shai Piron

Why do we exist? | Prof. Eilam Gross

The cancer that died of laughter | Eyal Eltawil 

Should we read our DNA? | Dr. Noam Shomron 

Where children can be children | Chaim Topol

Sivan Ya’ari | Is Good Good Enough?


Our Speakers

Chaim Topol

Theatrical and Film performer

Chaim Topol is Israels greatest performer. Actor, singer writer and producer, and even a gifted artist. He is the winner of the Israel Prize for Life Achievement and has performed on Broadway and West End stages as well as movies both in Israel and Hollywood. Topol was nominated for an Oscar and Tony award and has won…

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Dr. Tzipi Strauss

Chief of Neontology, Sheba Medical Center. Lecturer, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Tzipi Strauss serves as Chief of Neonatology, at Sheba Hospital, and lectures at Tel Aviv University’s faculty of medicine. She studied at the Technion, Holland, and Harvard. Dr. Strauss is a mother to five children. We wouldn’t bother noting this, unless we heard rumors that this piece of information is going to have a crucial part in her talk that will…

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Roni Porat


The conductor Roni Porat is always breaking barriers. He is a composer, musician, actor, writer, coach, radio host, leadership lecturer and even a magician for those who ask nicely. But this many talent artist is known primarily for his innovation and creativity at the concert halls. That’s how it will be this time, too. This…

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Mariuma Ben Yosef

Beit Hashanti, Founder

At age 13 Mariuma found herself in the streets. At freezing Boston she slept in the park, covered in cardboard. Later she grew up in foster care and experienced both mental and physical abuse. All this set her on track to fulfill her destiny: Founding “Beit Hashanti”. Mariuma, honored with The Presidents Volunteer Badge and…

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Sivan Yaari

Innovation: Africa, Founder & CEO

Sivan Yaari is an energetic young woman that has already lived on four continents. But Africa is where she is fulfilling her vision that sound unheard of: providing life to millions of African residents who live in the most remote villages on the continent. Yaari is the founder and CEO of Innovation: Africa, a non-profit organization that…

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Prof. Eilam Gross

CERN, Particle Physicist

Professor Eilam Gross from the Particle Physics Department at the Weitzman Science Institute, led the team that discovered the Boson Higgs particle, also known as “The God Particle”. Prof. Gross was always a little different from the academic scenery and still, it’s not clear where he found his inspiration for the surprise that will be…

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Shai Piron

Rabbi, Educator, Politician

Shai Piron served as the 33rd Minister of Education in Israel. But his political career was short. During most of his life he was an educator, and stood at the head of the Yeshiva at Petah Tikvah. Piron was the CEO of “Hachol LeHinuch”, a movement dedicated to promoting Israels education that was established by…

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Dr. Ofra Graicer

Expert in Operational Design. Lecturer, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Ofra Graicer is an Expert in Operational Design and Strategic Thinking. She is a lead instructor in the combat command of the Israeli Defense Force, preparing senior commanders for serving at the general staff, and guiding them through the process of structuring strategies and special operations in the new age. In the fascinating talk she’s preparing…

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Caroline Glick

Journalist, Newspaper editor and Writer

Carlone Glick is a renown journalist, senior editor and Israeli author that is recognized wordwide in the subjects of Israeli policies, American politics, and the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. During the Iraq war she joined the American forces at the battlefront. Glick stands out as one of Israels best speakers and is constantly invited to speak at…

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Dr. Noam Shomron

Genomic Intelligence Laboratory, Head, Tel Aviv University

From Dr. Noam Shomron you should watch out. He can know everything about you. Including what the future holds for you, what diseases you might catch (god forbid), and when you will meet your end. Dr. Shomron heads the Genomic Intelligence Laboratory at Tel Aviv Universitys faculty of medicine. He is also the director of…

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Roei Sadan


We are about to witness a medical miracle. Roei Sadan, crossed the world on his bike for four and a half years. Alone. A historical journey of a crazy redhead who was covered by the media worldwide. 6 months ago, he was climbing the Himalaya Mountains, slipped, and fell hundreds of meters. Roei was mortally wounded,…

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Eyal Eltawil

Israeli Actor

Eyal Eltawil is an Israeli Actor, Screen writer, Stand-up Comedian and Author that recently returned from a tour through hell. At the age of 31 Eyal woke up with severe gut pains that were diagnosed as terminal cancer. Growths were already everywhere. Even after a set of intensive treatments, he was told he had slim…

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Opening Greetings



Prof. Joseph Klafter

Tel Aviv University President


Prof Joseph Klafter is the President of Tel Aviv University since 2009.  Prof Klafter is widely recognized in his field, chemical physics. He has published close to 400 scientific articles and edited 18 books: “Ours is a university that is defined by ground-breaking research, leading researchers and faculty, a strong interdisciplinary focus, and the values of globalism, pluralism and social responsibility. The academic achievements of our researchers have been acknowledged by the many prestigious prizes that they have won, leading Tel Aviv University to being considered one of the world’s top universities”. Prof Joseph Klafter will open the first TEDx conference at Tel Aviv University.

Yadin Soffer

TEDxTLVU Founder


Professional Dancer, Personal Trainer, Web developer and Chemistry student. Yadin began teaching dance at the mere age of 15. What started out as a volunteer endeavor quickly turned in to large-scale dance classes – today, Yadin teaches dance nation-wide. Realizing that what one does should not define and limit ones’ horizons Yadin ventured off to study a completely un-related topic that intrigued him: web development. Later on, he wrote and published a patent in the USTP for his startup: a peer-to-peer learning method and platform. Today Yadin is a 21-year-old BBA student at Tel Aviv Universities’ exact science faculty and a Wingate Institute graduate. Driven by the passion of spreading his ideas about what defines one as a human being Yadin is the Founder and Executive Director of TEDxTelAvivUniversity whos theme is entirely dedicated to spreading his message. Yadins Website


Maayan Adin


Maayan Adin is a Performer; on stage she expresses herself best. On stage she feels free. Maayan is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher filled with passion and love for her art. For Maayan, dancing is a way of life, expressed in everything she does. To broaden her dance horizons Maayan has mastered various dance elements ranging from Hip Hop and Locking to Classical Ballet and Jazz. Maayan sets foot on stage with one strict goal – to make everyone want to get up and dance. Maayans Website

The Israel Chamber Orchestra


The Israel chamber Orchestra was founded in 1965 by Gary Bertini who served as its Artistic Director and conductor for 10 years. Subsequent Artistic Directors were: Luciano Berio, Rudolph Barshai, Uri Segal, Yoav Talmi, Shlomo Mintz, Philippe Entremont, Salvador Mas Conde, Noam Sheriff, Gil Shohat, Roberto Paternosto and Yoav Talmi. As of February 2015 Ariel Zuckermann serves as Music Director of the Israel Chamber Music. Many well-known artists have performed with the Israel Chamber Orchestra.

Anewindow Dance Company


Omer Stiers Choreography style consists of physical movements that derive their energy and origin from hip-hop and personal experiences. Omer has taught his choreographies worldwide including The Wingate institute, Bikorei Haetim dance center, Keep Fit dance center (Holland) and his own dance studio of 15 years Dancity Dance Studios. Omer choreographed for Suzanne Dellal Center, “Machol Acher”, Carmiel dance festival and “Stage for Us” choreography concerts. In 2007 Omer established his dance troupe “Anewindow Dance Company” (ADC). Since then ADC performed in Israel with “TGATC” performance and “Sounds of Struggle” performance. Omer and his dance company were invited to preview their new creation “The White Room” in the Marais Dance Festival in Paris France.

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